All of us have influences that color our lives.  A mother, father, best friend, boss, celebrity, historic figure, etc.….Influences can also come in the form of cultural elements, art movements, technology and even location.  Human-kind is designed for interaction and connection, thus, having outside influencers is par for the course.  Often, we don’t spend time considering the influences in our lives, leaving our motivations and the “why” of our story a mystery to ourselves and others.  What if we took a moment to ponder and consider our influences and influencers?  This art exhibit seeks to create a moment of pause for not only the artists included but also the attendees of the show. 

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The Loveland Artists Collective is an independent, artist driven group that strives to include all the art forms and seeks to educate and support each member in their endeavors to grow creatively in every aspect of their work and life. 

Inspiring connection. Many arts, one heart.